Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Reading, Summer School, Summertime!

Hey, when it's boiling hot outside, where's the coolest place on campus?

The Library, of course.

Come on in! Hang out, study, go online, or grab some summer reading. We are always air-conditioned and often friendly. The whole building is Wi-Fi, so bring your own laptop or borrow one of ours. To borrow a laptop, just ask at the front desk.

What I love about this library is that you can stay on our computers all day! No time limit. And we offer lots of help. We answer questions, troubleshoot tech problems, and sometimes give out free cookies.

There isn't an office supply that we don't loan out. Glue stick: yes; liquid paper: of course; a few index cards: why not? Do you remember the song "Be Our Guest" from Walt Disney's "Beauty and the Beast?" That song was written about this library!

Put our service to the test this summer!

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